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Affordable Wedding Photography packages start at Only $800

Special - Only $600

1 Professional Photographer

Your wedding day  (Up to 3 Hours)

From getting ready with your bridesmaids,

first look with your father, to capturing

your family getting loose on the dance floor.

Unlimited high-resolution photos

Why limit The number of moments we deliver to you? 

Sharable personal web gallery

Easily download and share all the wonderful pictures with everyone at the wedding.

Retouching Included

All photos are straightened, adjusted for lighting, and retouched to provide quality photos

Copyright Release Certificate


Just pay the day of the wedding,

Or prepay to make it easier.

FREE rescheduling if date changes

$150 is deducted for cancellation if paid early

Wedding photographer Vero Beach
Simple Pricing - $600 for up to 3 hours, then only $150 each extra hour 
Wedding photographer

A wedding day is a day designed to make you and your partner feel special, loved, and celebrated.  Shining brighter than all the other days in your calendar, your wedding day is surely special, and deserves all the excitement that it draws.  After months of planning, checklists, color choices, etc, your wedding day arrives with all the stress that comes with it.  Don't rely on an inexperienced photographer, or cell phones to miss out on the most important day, your wedding. 

Photo to the left was originally shot in a bathroom.

Careful editing can make it a masterpiece. 

If there is one thing we have learned, is that making decisions can be hard.

It doesn't have to be.

It is as easy as scheduling a 15 minute consultation call where we will walk you through our packages, as they are fully customizable. We will go over timelines and answer any questions you may have, to help you feel confident in your decision.

Vero Beach Wedding Photographer

We are inspired by emotions and love to capture raw moments as they unfold. We like to make sure you are always having fun together and strive to make the most comfortable setting possible.

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