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We don't just point, click, and print!  As a professional photographer, we understand what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive modeling industry. It takes more than just being attractive—it requires a look that commands attention.  That's what companies want and that's what our staff can help you achieve.

We work with you throughout the process to find a look that is right for you. Then, we find the pictures that agents and agencies won't be able to put down.  Once we're done, we can give you the tools you need to make your first - or your next - connection.


Packages starting as low as $199 can be custom tailored to fit your needs. Please call us to schedule

a free consultation and to get your price quote.

Advertising and Commercial clients call for rates. 772-539-2368.

Professional Head shot | $ 200

On location and multiple employee services are also available. Call Scott for your custom pricing. 
This session includes

  • A digital copy of the session with (2) retouched images.

  • 2 outfits and 3 poses

  • Backdrop and location

Acting Head shot Session | $ 395

You have the option of shooting studio style, outdoors or a combination of both. 
This session includes

  • Digital Makeup

  • 2 hours of studio time. You will be able to change wardrobe 3-4 times.

  • 2 final 8 x 10 images, & 3 digital images, or 6 digital images.  Retouching included.

Introductory Session | $ 500

This session is designed for those that want to test the market to see if they can catch the attention of an agent or for models that want to update their portfolios.

This package includes:

  • Photography session. Approximately 2-3 hours

  • 3-5 looks.  A look is a combination of hair, makeup, clothing, setting, style and lighting technique. Within each look, we shoot different variations. We shoot a combination of closeups, ¾ and full length. You may change your clothes during the session.

  • Digital makeup, and hair.

  • 2 – 8 x 10 portfolio prints & 6 digital images, or 8 digital images.  Retouching included.

Additional portfolio prints are available for $30. Retouching included.  

Personal Portfolio | $ 600

"The perfect gift for any woman."

Whether you want these pictures for social media, internet dating or to commemorate a special time in your life, we will custom tailor this package to fit your needs. 

This package includes:

  • Photography session. Approximately 3 hours

  • Hair and digital make up- 5 looks

  • You may change your clothing several times during the session.

  • 10 retouched digital images included & 2 - 8 x 10 prints

  • Add 50 Zed/Comp Cards for Only - $2.50 each, minimum 50.

Popular Portfolio | $ 1000

This is an excellent package for men, women and teens of any age that want to pursue a career in modeling. 

This package includes:

  • Photography session - approximately 5-6 hours of studio time.

  • 6-8 different looks.  A look is the combination of hair, makeup, clothing, setting, style and lighting technique.  Within each look, we shoot different variations. We may shoot a combination of close-ups, ¾’s or full length.  We also like to work with layers. We may add or subtract a hat, jacket, glasses, scarf, jewelry etc.

  • Professional digital make-up, and hair styling.

  • Model coaching

  • Photo editing.  After the session, we will edit the images for you and then we will go over the session with you. It is of utmost importance that you select the right images.

  • (10) – 8 x 10 portfolio prints & 10 digital prints.  Retouching included 

  • Add 50 Zed/Comp Cards for Only - $2.50 each

Fashion styling is available for an additional charge of $250. We will plan it and put it together for you.  This is highly recommended for models pursuing a career in the high fashion market. Additional portfolio prints are available for $30. Retouching included.

Ultimate Portfolio | $2,300

This is our most comprehensive package available.

You will have everything you need to begin your career in the industry with confidence. 
This package is divided up into 4 steps.

1. Introductory Session. 
From this session, you will get the images that you need to submit to the modeling agencies,

formatted and ready to email, and the opening shot for your portfolio. 
We also work with you on body positioning and projection.


2. Editing and model coaching session. 
During this session, we go over the images that we shot in the first session. Together we select the best images for you. While reviewing the images we go over the modeling techniques that we discussed in the previous session. This step is invaluable in that you acquire the skills that you need to produce an exemplary portfolio.

3. Popular Portfolio Session. 
This is an 8 hour session that includes digital make-up and hair styling.  For a full description please refer to our Popular Portfolio. (above)

4. Final Session. 

This is also an editing and model coaching session.  Together we will select the best images for you and plan the layout of your portfolio.

This package also includes:

  • 24 final retouched images

  • 12 - 8 x 10 Portfolio Prints & 12 Digital Images

  • 50 - 8.5x11 Zed/Comp Cards  &  50 - 5x7 Zed/Comp Cards

  • A Black Leather Portfolio Book

  • Your own web page included.  (Your own web page on our site to showcase your photos, stats, and contact info.)



Model Hosting through our website

  1 month - $ 20   (Price /mo. $20)

  6 month - $ 90   (Price /mo. $15)

12 month - $150  (Price /mo. $12.50)

Includes: Up to 24 Photos, Stats, Contact Info, Links (Instagram,etc.), Agency Contact info

We also provide certified agencies for you to list with.

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