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Looking for a breakthrough or wish to revive your career? Tired of getting type-casted or miscast? Maybe there's a role you've wanted to play your whole life but you need to convince the director or producer the role is perfect for you.

Head-shots are a first impression, and they need to convey the right message to executives.  In addition, head-shots must also represent you. An acting head-shot isn't a glamour shot; it's insight into your personality and a chance to showcase your unique characteristics.

Our professional head-shots are:

  • Simple

  • Straightforward

  • Reflect your personality


For over 20 years, Scott Finney Photography has worked to provide head-shots that lead to auditions and roles. We can customize packages to give you the shots you need for the roles you want to play. Thanks to our affordable actor head-shot packages, you can now launch or re-launch your acting career.  Let us help you land your next role!

Call us at (772) 539-2368 to schedule a free consultation today. 


Model Hosting through our website

  1 month - $ 20   (Price /mo. $20)

  6 month - $ 90   (Price /mo. $15)

12 month - $150  (Price /mo. $12.50)

Includes: Up to 24 Photos, Stats, Contact Info, Links (Instagram,etc.), Agency Contact info

                 We also provide certified agencies for you to list with.

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