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Is It Time To Update Your Business Headshot?

Vero Beach business headshot photographer, Scott Finney, offers a wide variety of headshot background options for business professionals. Professional lighting techniques and understanding facial analysis are both key factors to many effective headshot sessions. We provide business headshots for attorneys, realtors, doctors, financial advisors and corporate executives.

You will be able to see your pictures so we can adjust your poses, looks, and lighting to produce the best look for your style.

We offer standard backdrop and digital, to outdoors and business settings.

Professional headshots at your business, or on location.  We come to you,  same price!

Save employee time by having us come to you.

Call to schedule your appointment today772-539-2368

Corporate Headshot Package

On location, or at your place of business

Several shots taken, you get to choose.

1 to  5 employees  - Only $150 each

6 to 10 employees  - Only $125 each

11 to 25 employees -  Only $100 each

26 to 50 employees -  Only $75 each

51 to 100 employees -  Only $50 each

100+ employees -  Only $45 each

Add 8x10 prints @ $20 each

1 Retouched Hi-Res net ready image per person

1 - Linkedin (1:1 profile image per person)

1 Outfit, 1 backdrop

Photos Emailed To You, & copyright free (You own the rights)

Additional photos are $25 each for different

backgrounds or clothes etc. and includes


Book Your Headshot Today

Robert Guido headsoht for VIP Care
Robert Guido headsoht for VIP Care
Robert Guido headsoht for VIP Care

Backgrounds can be changed to suit your style

Update your photos for:

  • Business Cards

  • Linkedin

  • Emails

  • Websites & Social Media

  • Advertisements

  • Etc.

From Traditional to modern headshots

We got you covered.

There are many types of headshots and the main rule behind any successful headshot is that it achieves your goal. This is where we start the process. Call or text today: (772) 539-2368 or CLICK HERE to email me for any questions you may have.

The process:

  • Step 1: The consultation – I personally talk to you and find out your needs, what your goals are for the headshot.  



  • Step 2: The Style –  We determine what style of head shot will best achieve the goal. This can range from a traditional style with a simple solid or textured background to a modern style headshot which is typically shot outside. There are many factors that determine the best background and lighting for a successful headshot. My ability to blend the artistic vision with the needs of my client to create a very powerful and goal oriented headshot.

  • Step 3: The planning – We plan your shoot to include types of lighting we will use, location, wardrobe, hair / makeup and types of poses that will give us the best results. If this is your first shoot or you are a seasoned professional, I make sure that you understand and are comfortable with every aspect of the shoot process.

  • Step 4: Scheduling – We will schedule a time for your shoot that works with your schedule. I believe communication is one of the biggest keys to success. You will receive confirmation notices leading up to the day of the shoot including the day before the scheduled shoot. These can be done according to your needs via email, text or even a phone call.



First impressions

are very important but in the corporate world, they are imperative. Many times your company headshot is that first impression. 

There are different styles of headshots according to the image you or your company want to project.  There are many choices for today’s headshots.  Formal or traditional headshots have either a solid background or textured backdrop while a more modern headshot can be shot outside or with a more neutral tone background. During our initial consultation, we determine what your needs are and who your clients are. This will set the theme of your shoot to give you the overall look and feel that translates that message.

Can I shoot at your office? The answer is YES.  My use of portable lighting and backdrops make it convenient for most companies because I can usually shoot all the employees in one visit. I only need a small space to work in such as a conference room or lobby.  

head shot photographer
headshot photographer

Modern Headshot

Traditional Headshot

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