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Pinup, fantasy, or cosplay photos are always fun and a hit with the ladies.  No matter your style, you can have a blast and create some awesome images. Whether you are just looking for some awesome images from a day of dress-up, or for an occasion, this is a category that our clients love and enjoy shooting.

As an art form, both painted and photographed, Pinup has a long history.  Did you know the first calendar girls were published before 1900?  Have you ever heard of the Gibson Girls?  They were created by Charles Dana Gibson in the 1890’s, partly inspired by his wife and her family, and soon became national icons.  Gibson, an illustrator for Life magazine, created cover illustrations of bosomy women with hourglass torsos, dark piles of hair and full, luscious lips.  These women became known as the Gibson Girl, a girl America loved, known for both her independence and her sensuality. The Gibson girl was, in a sense, the first “dream girl,” unattainable aside from pinning her photo up on your wall.


Pinup continued through World War 1 and World War 2; used to get men to enlist and to get the nation to buy War Bonds.  It was used as Nose Art on Planes and sent to servicemen as a reminder of what was waiting for them at home.  There is a wide range of inspiration and along the way Pinup has expand to include Hollywood Starlets, Rock-a-Billy, vintage boudoir and more.

Are you a fan of the 1920’s art deco or flapper style, more of a war time 40’s woman or the 1950’s Happy Day’s look?  Whatever generation you love the style of, wear it, own it and love it!

Fantasy/ Cosplay sessions are very hot with all the movie releases bringing back our favorite looks and characters.  Steampunk has also been taking over as a sexy, powerful look for women; along with the Victorian Goth culture to create a whole new genre of portrait photography.

Is Cosplay your thing?  Do you love Comic Con and dressing as your favorite hero or villain? Did you spend countless hours creating the perfect outfit?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to wear that for another day of fun captured in images?

I am a huge fan of the Steampunk look and love the creativity and mix of styles that make it so amazing. Victorian dresses, corsets, cool boots and hats and all of the intricate vintage yet futuristic gadgets and accessories.


So no matter what your style or inspiration, there is no limit to the possibilities.

Pinup or Fantasy sessions can be a ton of fun for everyone.

Don’t wait to schedule yours! 

I would love to create an experience for you or for that special woman in your life.